What kind of confidence can I have that my files will be treated with confidentiality and privacy?

All personnel within Ausflare have signed legally enforceable confidentiality agreements. All material supplied by a client is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party unless required by Law. Confidentiality agreements between Ausflare and its clients can be signed upon request

How do I know my files will be secure?

We look after our clients’ security through:

We want someone we can deal with into the future. How do we know you’ll be around next year?

Ausflare has consistently provided transcription services since incorporation. Prior to that our principal conducted transcription services under her own name. We have a 10 year plan going forward and look forward to continuing our service into the future.

Who are your clients?

Amongst our clients are major national insurance companies, banks, lawyers, risk management organisations, private investigators and government departments. A number of our clients have been with Ausflare since inception.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to Ausflare?

When you outsource to Ausflare you save time, space and $$$. Time is saved hiring, firing and on office chit-chat. There is no costly space provision for housing your staff – they work on our premises. You also save on employment related costs such as advertising for staff, workers’ compensation, training, temporary staff for relief purposes, agency fees, furniture and equipment, annual, sick and maternity leave costs, public holidays, superannuation levies, termination and redundancy costs. We save you all this and more. We also enhance our clients’ outcomes by paying particular attention to their needs and focussing on providing quality product with true value for clients. We build business relationships with our clients with the future in mind.

Why shouldn’t I do it myself? I can type. In fact, anyone can type.

This is a huge urban myth which one day all business people will come to recognise. How much do you value your time per hour? How long does it take you to type a report? How much do you want to minimise your time at work and gain time to do things you want to do? Are you keyboard trained? Do you have techniques which will speed up the process of transcription for you or are you frustrated by the time it takes? Ausflare staff are professionally trained in keyboarding and advanced software techniques. Ausflare clients maximise their time and income by working on their business instead of in it.

What is the size limit of files sent using Ausflare’s Secure File Transfer protocol?

Gone are the worries of 5Mb limits via email. Our Secure File Transfer protocol allows you to upload files up to 2Gb each through our website with a maximum of up to 10 files in any one upload.

Do you guarantee your service?

Ausflare will at all times take due and diligent care to produce accurate and timely transcripts. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service within our control, we will be happy to refund the cost of that transcription. We do not however accept any liability for outcomes due to poor audio quality or other matters beyond our control. Ausflare also guarantees to consistently strive for greater excellence in all aspects of our service.

Is Ausflare an ethical organisation?

Ausflare will at all times conduct its business in a proper and professional manner with due regard to Privacy legislation and the needs of each client. We will disclose potential conflicts of interest and deal with you with honesty and fairness. We will produce transcripts which demonstrate commitment, timeliness, cost efficacy and quality.

What is Ausflare’s philosophy?

Ausflare is proud to be an Australian company fostering transcription excellence and providing job opportunities for skilled typists with strong work ethics and high quality levels of English spelling, punctuation and grammar.