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Specialising in accurate high quality transcriptions with fast turnaround times for insurance, legal and corporate clients.

Simple to Use

Just follow these 4 easy steps to upload your files:

  1. Click Submit in Upload Files
  2. Input your details and Sign in
  3. Click Choose File to upload your file
  4. Click Send

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Our Delivery Promise

Accurate Transcriptions

Ausflare has never been satisfied with near enough is good enough. We use superior research methods to ensure correct spelling; eg, of roads, places, jargon, currency, and other items needing research for accuracy of transcription.

The unique and highly developed systems we use produce consistent accuracy.

The principal of the business oversees Quality control, ensuring the best outcome for you.

Secure File Transfers

Compliance with the Privacy Act is important to our clients, and therefore to Ausflare. We use a quality Secure File Transfer protocol to move files between Ausflare and our clients.

Fast Turnarounds

Your deadlines are as important to us as they are to you. Work flows are consistently managed to ensure expected delivery times are met.

Excellent Quality

Cate Richmond has been continuously at the forefront of digital transcription for over 16 years, setting industry benchmarks for quality, speed and accuracy. At Ausflare we continue to raise the bar and set new benchmarks for the benefit of Ausflare’s clients.

Value for Money

Cost savings are delivered through increasing efficiencies, our ability to maintain low overheads and to consistently provide excellent standards in transcription. All of these have positive flow-on effects to clients.

Consistent Professional Approach

Good communication with our clients is an essential element to our service and our staff are professionally trained. Some of our clients have been with us since Ausflare began.


Ausflare continues to develop time saving methods of transcription leading to cost savings for clients. We have also produced a Digital Transcription Course specifically designed to train transcribers. We choose the best performers to expand our ability to meet clients’ needs.

Training Services

Computer based training services provided by well respected training staff include Digital Transcription Course.

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Marketing Services

Event management, sponsorship acquisition and everything for the small business owner including scripting and layout of press and radio ads, flyers, banners etc.

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