Ausflare provides services to the insurance, banking, telcommunications, private investigation, auditing, corporate and government industry sectors.

Digital transcriptions

All types of files transcribed including WMA, MP3, CDA, DSS, TSH, SRI, WAV, MSV, DVF – and many many more.

Analogue transcriptions

Micro and standard cassette transcription.

Onsite transcriptions

Due to client needs, it may be a better option for clients to utilise transcription services in situ. This service has been used in meetings where digital or analogue recording is not an option. Ausflare is equipped with a fully mobile transcription service and can come to your meeting point and transcribe interviews while they are in progress. All we need is a power point!

Training Services

We like to assist our clients improve their bottom line by providing training either through feedback or seminar process to investigators on facets of interviews which, when finely honed, can make large differences to the outcome and cost of transcriptions.

Secure File Transfer Protocols

We like to assist our clients send large files to us quickly and without cost. Ausflare has instigated a Secure File Transfer protocol which enables clients to swiftly and easily deliver digital voice files to Ausflare for fast, accurate, value for money transcription. This is a free service to all our clients.